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Tutu Helper Apk: There is a lot to be had from Google Play Store. But, the truth is, when it comes to apps, we can never have enough of it. When the smartphones had been introduced very recently, the users would get overwhelmed by the number of apps that they had access to. Now, we have gotten used to everything that is there and we want more (rightly so).

If you want more apps to keep you excited and thrilled, move on from Google Play Store and install Tutu Helper app, which is a third-party app store. We have designed this guide to make sure that the installation process is as easy as possible. Take a look!

download tutu helper apk on android

Download Tutu Helper APK And The Installation Process On Android:

If you need to install an app on the Android device, you will require the APK file. Even when an app is downloaded from Google Play Store, an APK file is saved on your device. Tutu Helper APK app is not hosted on Play Store. This means we will need to download it from a third-party source and use the installation method called side-loading. Let’s see how to go about it.

Download Tutu Helper APK: First things first! We need to download Tutu helper APK in order to install this marketplace on your Android. You may wonder where to get it from? We have you covered here.

TAP HERE to download the download the Tutu Helper APK latest version on your Android smartphone or tablet.

You can find the APK file on the internet as well, but we wanted to help you avoid the hassles of finding the right file. Nowadays, it is difficult to judge whether an APK file is genuine or contains malicious programs.

Unblock ‘Unknown Sources’: Sideloading is the process of downloading the APK from those sources, which are usually not recognized by Android. The security feature of Android prevents such installation unless you have expressly asked it not to. To allow the Android device to install Tutu Helper APK, open the Settings app from home screen. From Settings menu select ‘Security’.

This will lead you to the screen where you can locate ‘Unknown Sources’. The latest devices have a toggle/slider that you need to move to the right to enable this option. If you have an older device, you might have a checkbox next to ‘Unknown Sources’ that needs to be checked.

check unknown sources to allow tutu helper apk to install on android

Your phone is now all set to install Tutu Helper APK for Android.

Install Tutu Helper APK On Android:

The rest of it is indeed quite simple. You simply need to access the APK file you just downloaded and run the installer.

Open the Explorer app on Android and navigate to the folder in which you downloaded the APK. Usually, it is saved in the APK folder itself. But, if it is not there, it would definitely be in the Downloads folder (unless you have changed the default download location)

Open the file to unpack the Tutu Helper app. Before the installation begins, you might see a prompt asking you to confirm that you wish to go ahead with it. Here, you will need to tap ‘Install’.

click on install option to download tutu helper apk on android

This is pretty much it. The only thing left is to wait for a while for the installation to complete (which hardly takes 30-40 seconds).

Go ahead and take a dive into the huge collection of finest apps, games, and tweaks.


If you think you are not getting enough out of Google Play Store, you can side-load Tutu Helper third party app store on your Android. You will quickly have access to a number of incredible apps and tweaks.We can also be able to download some popular paid apps absolutely free of cost. You have every reason to get Tutu Helper.

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